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Queen Bee Breeder Register
European Honeybee Queens for sale in Australia

This register shows Bee Queen Breeders in Australia offering European Honeybee Queens for sale.

When you are a Beekeeper wanting to buy a Bee Queen please search through our Queen Bee Breeder Register. When successful please make contact directly with the Queen Breeder. At no stage does the website owner / administrator get involved.

Note: Shipping live Bee Queens is usually done per Express Mail.

Queen Breeders Register
by state

If you are a Bee Queen Breeder selling Bee Queens -
and want to be listed in our Queen Breeder Register please submit your details.
Disclaimer: The website owner makes no representations as to the nature of the services advertised or the character of any advertiser. The website owner has no involvement and does not take any liability, responsibility or obligations for what results from the contact between two parties. Any potential legal aspects would be between the two parties.
Bee Queen Breeders in Victoria
(sorted by location)
Italian Queen Bees
Buzzbee based in Victoria, Bee Breeders who produce Quality Queen Bees for both Local and Export Markets. All our Queen Bee's are breed for producing good healthy stock, excellent honey producers, disease resistance and temperament.

Graham Abrey [A582]
Buzzbee International
Ringwood East, Vic 3135
mobile 0498 866 555

Queen bees for sale / 5 frame nucs for sale November December 2021.

Ben Oaks [O244]
Heathmont, Vic 3135
mobile 0416 892 444

Italian & Carniolan
Openly mated or Artificially inseminated Queens available by request, Selected from well known Australian breeding stock, with a superior reputation in the apicultural industry, Selected for their honey production, disease resistance, hygienic behaviour & temperament.

Paul Campbell  [C940]
A Bees Needs
Mornington, Vic 3931
mobile 0499 589 172

Bee Queen Breeders in New South Wales & A.C.T.
(sorted by location)
Italian - Our Queen bees are only bred from reliable healthy productive stock to DPI standards by a qualified Queen breeder.

Aussie Bee Corporation
8 Geary Place, North Nowra NSW 2541
mobile 0433 837 466

Italian - Ligustica.
Payment prior to despatch.

Patrick Carroll
Hawkesbury Apiaries Pty Ltd
PO Box 4132
Londonderry, NSW 2753
phone (02) 4572 5560
mobile 0427 018 850

Italian - Our Queen bees are only bred from reliable healthy productive stock to DPI standards by a qualified Queen breeder. We predominantly breed Italians because they are gentle to work with, are great honey producers and disease resistant. We supply unmarked, marked and tested marked queens. Email for more information.

Adrian Grew [NG218]
The Bee Farmer
Hawkesbury, NSW 2758
mobile 0447 727 709

Italian - Ligustica and Carniolan - Carnica
Credit cards welcome. Order with payment.

Charlie and Brenda Casido
Australian Queen Bee Line
21 Leewood Drive
Orange, NSW 2800
phone (02) 6369 0565
mobile 0434 353 301

Golden Italian.
We will be supplying a limited number of Golden Italian queens this coming season. On line orders from our web page only.

Kylgar Apiaries  [C365]
Orange, NSW 2800

Bee Queen Breeders in Queensland
Italian - Queens available weekly. First generation breeder stock. Young and strong (aprox. four weeks old). Queens are marked. Relaxed environment – we’re not stressing our bees ever – and it shows. Docile temperament and productive nature. Disease-free apiary. We don’t queen bank.

Sofia Chang [C605]
Bees Alive!
Fitzgibbon, Qld 4018
mob 0435 018 283

Italian Queens / Carniolan / Breeder Queens on request
Rescue Bees has now expanded into Queen rearing tested queens from selected stock and using Breeder queens . To ensure of quality, smaller numbers are produced and assessed over 4 weeks . There can be periods of high demand so please plan and discuss your needs. Speak to us about Breeder Queens.

Michael Howcroft [H1252]
Rescue Bees
mobile 0435 036 184

Apis mellifera ligustica (Italians)
All queens are caged on a 28 day cycle. All queens are proven with a full layed out radiating pattern. All queens are grafted from reputable breeding stock. Excellent temperament, very easy to work.

Andrew Ferrugia [F545]
Home Grown Honey
Logan Central, Qld 4114
mob 0427 614 094

Italians only.
We mail each Monday. All orders will be placed in a queue, and you will be notified approx one week before despatch. $40/queen, plus postage and handling. Payment before despatch via Australia Post Express. Text Kay on 0418 156 585

Mark and Kay Farley  [F364]
RM & KL Farley
39-41 Roma Street
Morven, Qld 4468
mobile 0418 156 585

Pedigree Italian and Carniolan. We are Queensland based Commercial Bee Breeders who produce Quality Queen Bees for both Local and Export Markets. All our Queen stock is breed from traceable Pedigree bloodlines and we have a strict Quality Control Program in place to ensure consistency. Please text or phone.

Rick Joyce  [J463]
AHG Pty Ltd T/A Australian Queen Bees
Pie Creek
Gympie, Qld 4570
mobile 0488 938 045

Italian & Caucasian
Our queen bees are hand grafted and have a calm temperament, excellent hygiene, and productive nature. Each laying pattern is inspected in the field prior to collection. Please text or email.

Craig Pohlman [P100]
Libees Honey
North Deep Creek, Qld 4570
mobile 0439 997 782

Italian cross
Good strong queens

William Oxenbridge  [O299]
Will the beekeeper
Kingaroy, Qld 4610
mobile 0407 850 200

Bee Queen Breeders in South Australia & Northern Territory
(sorted by location)
Bee Queen Breeders in Western Australia
(sorted by location)

Bee Queen Breeders in Tasmania
(sorted by location)

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