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Seeking Land for Bees Register
Seeking Land for Bees in Australia

Register for Beekeepers in Australia searching for access to suitable land for the temporary accommodation of European Honeybees, usually in return for some jars of fresh honey.

When you are a Land Owner considering to give access for a beekeeper locating some bees on your land -
please search through our Seeking Land for Bees Register for a Beekeeper who is seeking access to a block of land in your area. When successful please make contact directly with the Land Owner. At no stage does the website owner get involved.

Note: To make beekeeping sustainable, land owners can help by offering their land to beekeepers for temporary accommodation of some beehives at the time when Gum Trees and/or Tea Tree etc. are flowering on their land or within a radius of three kilometres.

When you are a Beekeeper and want to find access to some block of Land you can post a listing in our Seeking Land for Bees Register by submitting your details.
Disclaimer: The website owner makes no representations as to the nature of the services advertised or the character of any advertiser. The website owner has no involvement and does not take any liability, responsibility or obligations for what results from the contact between two parties. Any potential legal aspects would be between the two parties.
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