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Making a Donation to
To make the website available on the internet it has to be posted to a "Hosting Server" and a "Domain Name Server". Another factor is the "Web Development Program". These three essential items are subject to annual subscription payments. To maintain the website and keep it up-to-date requires time by a "Website Developer" who creates and maintains the Website Structure and the informational Data.

In summary - the website costs money, takes time and resources.

Your Donation helps recovering the costs of keeping this website online and maintaining it.

Without your Donations website service might have to be suspended.

Any user of the website:
When You have searched through the Product and Services Registers with a good outcome please make a donation according to what the outcome is worth to you.

Note to Listing Requests:
Please make a donation according to what your Listing is worth to you.
Why spending time to add a new Listing when it is worth nothing to you?

The minimum for a donation is shown in the table below.

Minimum Donation for Listing Requests:
Add New Listing: $10  (multiple listings $8 each)
Change Existing Listing: $5  (multiple listings $3 each)
Reconfirm Existing Listing(s): $5
Remove Existing Listing(s) : Free

Your Donation is much appreciated.

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