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Geoff Wallace
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I have kept bees over the years and finally registered as a beekeeper 2 years ago as I have stated growing the apiary (about 40 hives as present).

I am preparing to split about 25 hives soon so that will put us at about 65 hives. I have also collected a couple of swarms and these are also doing ok.

I am happy to collect swarms and have all the gear to do the job properly, including climbing etc. I am also happy to collect dilapidated or abandoned hives and/or to move/relocate hives within the greater Melbourne area (I charge a fee for relocation work).

Happy also to rehouse bees - new woodwork etc for a fee. I can also strip a hive or more if required - we charge for this work.

We have a 12 frame centrifuge setup in a registered kitchen. Can also package for a fee. I have been selling raw honey to another company that is marketing it to the health industry along with pollen. This requires the honey to be cold extracted and strained at the same time. We have a very good process for bottling raw honey (sterile and a food license etc).

We can also heat the frames to 35C accurately with a computer controlled oven. So if you have crystallized honey in frames we can get most of it out without destroying the frames or the honey.

Other items that we do are as follows:
Nucleus setup.
Hive setup.
Hive split.
Re-queen hive.
Starter kits - not you cheap hobby stuff.
Locating hives (council regulations, block size etc)
Warning signage for gates and fences.

Good animal husbandry practices - such as; 2 box brood, placing of queen excluders and preparing a hive so that they do not starve in Winter etc

Feel free to call me if you need some help of need to take advantage of our services.
Call me on 0488 775 313 or email me on

Geoff Wallace
[W311] (15th October 2016)

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