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Seeking Land for Bees in Western Australia

Beekeeper seeking access to Land for Bees
Provide Details such as: minimum Size of Land, Distance to next crop grower, types of trees & vegetation, water supply, etc.
Full Name; Business Name; Location and postcode
Contact Details

Beekeeper seeking access to Land
Posted: 31-Jan-2020

Robert McNair, 77 Doghill Road, Baldivis, WA 6171
mobile 0447 377 999

Beekeeper seeking access to Land
Posted: 24-Apr-2019
Size of property: any size - Looking for Redgum, Jarrah, Parrotbush, Wandoo, Powderbark, Mallee etc. nearby. Source of fresh water nearby required. Seeking suitable properties on which to place my hives. Particularly interested in Lancelin area through to Narrogin and to the coast. Amateur keeper.

John Rogers, South West through to Wedge Island, WA 6988
mobile 0457 230 191

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