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Beekeepers in Australia wanting to sell, donate or give away beekeeping gear, tools and equipment.

Pinboard postings are of short term nature and expire after 12 months and will be removed.  

Updated on 5-Nov-2023
Used equipment to sell (without bees)

After 18 years of beekeeping, due to my own health issues, unfortunately I had to reduce the scope of my beekeeping hobby. Consequently several 2nd-hand beekeeping items are available for sale.

Among these items are standard 8-frame Langstroth hives, hive bodies and Nuc boxes. Bees and frames with wax foundation are not included in the price.

New Frames can be available on order; Price $8 per frame with wax foundation.

Photo shows "Single-box Hives" on the left and "2-tier Beehives" on the right.


Price ranges are for 2nd-hand items and are negotiable:

8-frame standard Langstroth Hives (Single-box Hive)  $50 - $60

8-frame standard Langstroth Hives (2-Tier Hive)           $70 - $80

4-frame Nuc Boxes (Single-box Nuc)                               $40 - $50

4-frame Nuc Boxes (2-Tier Nuc)                                        $60 - $70

5-frame Nuc Boxes (Single-box Nuc)                               $40 - $50

5-frame Nuc Boxes (2-Tier Nuc)                                        $60 - $70

8-frame standard Langstroth Hive bodies (boxes)         $20 - $30

23 litre wine kegs (wine making barrels) (Plastic)           $15

23 litre (28kg) plastic pails to store honey                        $8

Location for pick up: The Basin, Vic 3154

Depending on availability Bees can be sold separately.

When you are interested
call Dietmar on 0414 558 400

or send an email to

Posted on 4-Jan-2023
Flow Hive with bees for Sale  $800 ono

Unfortunately I have to sell my Flow Hive as the brood boxes are too heavy for me to manage on my own for inspections. The hive is very healthy. It's an 8 frame hive with two brood boxes situated in Princes Hill. Asking $800 ono. Includes large bee suit, gloves, smoker, and hive tool, Purchaser to collect.
Bees sourced from

Eveline Fallshaw [F792]
Princes Hill, Vic 3054
Mobile 0417 113 738

Flow Hive

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