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Offering Land for Bees in Tasmania

Land Owner offering access to Land
Size of property; Distance to next crop grower; types of trees & vegetation; water supply; details
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Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 16-May-2020
Size of property: 2ha. No crops but Native woodland and scrub. Types of trees within 3km: Native woodlands, wildflower reserve. Source of fresh water: Nearby dams.

2ha property in Bridport, nearby Bridport wildflower reserve. Property is heavily wooded with banksia, Blackwood and Eucalyptus. Well protected from wind and weather by vegetation.

Lucy Wilson, Bridport, Tasmania 7262

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 4-Apr-2020
Size of property: 44 acres. No crops but property is surrounded by native & plantation forests. Approx. 1km to nearest vineyards, no other crops known nearby. Types of trees within 3km: Grape vines, native trees including a wide range of eucalypts (adjacent to large State Forest) also plantation pine & E. Nitens. Source of fresh water: I have a permanent (spring fed) creek with 3 dams which always have water.

I have some nice private spots up the back of my property surrounded by bush on 2 sides and pasture on the other 2 sides. Lovely aspect with potential for bees to be kept in the open or in shade/semi-shade. No residences nearby, no people to bother. Excellent gravel road access (2WD).  

Donna Kremmer, Pipers River, Tasmania 7252
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