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Offering Land for Bees in SA and NT

Land Owner offering access to Land
Size of property; Distance to next crop grower; types of trees & vegetation; water supply; details
Full Name; Business Name; Location and postcode
Contact Details

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 23-Oct-2021
Size of property: 25 acres Crop growing: Native eucalyptus Distance to next crop grower: 3km Types of trees within 3km: Grey box and other native flora Source of fresh water: Dams and Onkaparinga River

Semi rural farmland adjacent to Onkaparinga National Park, abundance of natural trees and bushes for bees.

Marty Manuel, Upper Penneys Hill Rd, Onkaparinga Hills, SA
Mobile 0421 631 581

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 20-Oct-2018
We have two large blocks. No significant crop but there is a community garden of tomatoes, lettuce, spring onion and other vegetables. (see photo). Source of fresh water: Torrens river.

Henry Trewren, St Barnabas Church,
4A William St, Croydon, SA 5008
mobile 0439 085 408


Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 12-Jun-2018
Size of property: Double block surrounded by scrub and pines. We have 28 fruit trees on our property. Distance to next crop grower: Pine then dry creek national park. Types of trees and vegetation within 3km: Native and fruit trees. Source of fresh water: 20 mtrs from river.
Would like to have some hives on property cared for and maintained in exchange for some honey.
Kate Chapman, 24-26 Dry Creek Road, Donovans, SA 5291
mobile 0417 855 896

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