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Offering Land for Bees in Queensland

Posted on 16-Jun-2022

We have a very small property at cardwell range. 3 acres. Is there anyone up this way that can put a hive in and maintain it? This is to help save the bees. I have noticed for years that our mango trees, lychees, lemon and orange trees have hardly any fruit. I thought this may be related.

Toni Ingham, Cardwell Range, Qld 4850

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 14-Feb-2022
Size of property: 5 acres Crop growing: none Distance to next crop grower: none in the close vicinity Types of trees within 3km: Various Eucalypt & Gums, Palms, Swamp Mahogany, Paperbark, Dragon Fruit Source of fresh water: 2 Dams

Jasmine Flanagan, Tamborine Village, Qld 4270 - 2323 Beaudesert Beenleigh Road
Mobile 0437 839 857            @

Jasmine F

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 15-Aug-2020
Size of property: 2 acres with fruit and veg growing. Next crop grower 3km away. Types of trees and vegetation within 3km: State forest, loads of melaluca. Water source: Dams.

We have a variety of fruit trees and a couple of veggie gardens. We also have loads of wattle, paperbarks, grevillea, calistemons.

Jodi Wray, Silverwood Drive, Cooroibah, QLD 4565
phone 0431 864 271


Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 4-Mar-2020
Size of property: 2.5 acres - lots of flowers and native plants. Distance to next crop grower: 1km  Types of trees and vegetation within 3km: Too many to list. A lot of flowing shrubs and trees. Water source: Dam, stream.

Looking for someone to put hives on my property. It is a beautiful tropical property.

Kevin Davies, Glenview, QLD 4553
mobile 0413 344 722

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 23-Feb-2020
Size of property: 1000m2 - suburban yard however close to riparian vegetation on Bremer River Ipswich Qld. Close proximity to garden vegetation and remnant natives on Bremer River.
Vegetation within 3km: mixed garden and native . Water source: Bremer River .
We have a suburban yard neighboring some remnant bushland on the banks of the Bremer River Ipswich. Bees have access to suburban gardens and some mixed eucalypts, wattles, etc. Happy if you want to call or to check the site out. Easy access to block as neighbours only on one side, council land on the other and bushland behind the property.

Mark, Ipswich, QLD 4305
mobile 0428 550 039   @

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 29-Aug-2019
Size of property: 10 acres. Vegetation within 3km: Various gum/T tree and mango and fruit. Water source: Dam, tank.
Partner and I would love to see the land utilised for the bee population to thrive and of course... honey.

Geoff Scott, 588  Tagigan Road, Goomboorian, QLD 4570
mobile 0431 268 630   @

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 27-Aug-2019
Size of property: 40 acres. No cropping. Vegetation within 3km: Tallowood, Gum, Box, Ironbark and smaller deciduous trees and ferns. Water source: Dam and intermittent creek through the property with small wetland in corner.
Property is in the Captain Creek Area on Davies Road. Not cleared. However has access track to a small shed that is able to be used to secure items to support occupancy of hives. The property has large stands of trees and a multitude of grass trees. Will Provide exact location for interested parties.

Derek Forster, Captain Creek, QLD 4677
mobile 0417 738 325

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 9-Feb-2019
Size of property: 75 acres. Vegetation within 3km: gumtrees, eucalyptus, native bush. Water source: Creek, Dam. Offering land for beekeepers in exchange for some honey. We have 75 acres at Laceys Creek, near Dayboro. There is no cattle and no crops on the property. We have large areas of native bush, there is a seasonal creek with permanent rock pools and also a dam. You would need a 4x4 to access the suitable site.

Maria Cloudridge, Laceys Creek, QLD 4521    mobile 0415 249 418

Laceys Creek Land

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 16-Nov-2018
Size of property: Grassy airstrip located on the edge of National park, with dry sclerophyll vegetation, tea tree, angophera and eucalypts.
Water source: Dam - permanent (ground water).

Jane Clout, Kooringal Oysters, Moreton Island, QLD 4025

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 8-Mar-2018
Size of property: 5 acres, next door to a further 20 acres of regen bush. Organics fruit and vegetables, plenty of native trees and bush tucker, mix of native and exotic flowers. Next door to 20 acres of regenerated bush land, plenty of native, gum, tea tree, silky oak. 3km from ridgewood national park.
Flora: Gums, tea tree, silky oak, exotic fruit, natural mixed bush land, macadamia, avocados.
Water source: Plenty of dams plus we maintain fresh water for native birds in the garden.

Esther Attewell, Cooroy, QLD 4563

Land Owner offering access to Land
Posted: 1-Dec-2017
Size of property: 3500m2 Woodland with various native trees and vegetation. Water source: A billabong and creek. We are living on the Currumbin Eco Village (land for wildlife) little if any pesticides used on the whole village. Our block is sloping, but we have some shaded woodland that might be suitable for bees.

Sally Machray, 6 Wongaree Way, Currumbin Valley, QLD 4223
mobile 0435 924 127

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