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Honey from Beekeepers in Western Australia
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Glen and Sharon Beer [GB7]
Bushranger Honey
mobile 0408 078 025
Joondalup, WA 6027
Our honey is created by our beautiful bees from the many varieties of native blossoms, Jarrah, Gum Trees and garden flowers in the Northern Suburbs.

Amanda & William Northcott [75801]
phone (08) 9332 5163 - mobile 0433 125 406
Bull Creek, WA 6149
We provide seasonal, raw single hive honey & honeycomb.

Kevin & Jackie Steel [B3Z]
3 Bees Honey
mobile 0491 861 928
Atwell - Perth, WA 6164
Honey Source Locations: Gnangara, Mundijong, Banjup, Seabird

Currently have stock of Marri and multifloral honey. Also sell infused honey, honey comb harvested at peak spring harvests and beeswax .Our honey is sold in glass jars or can be supplied in food grade 25kg plastic containers for bulk sale

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