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Honey from Beekeepers in South Australia & Northern Territory
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Mike Reeves [MDR]
mikes raw honey
mobile 0401 736 742
Adelaide, SA 5000
Small batch honey produced from hives in Adelaide suburbs and Adelaide hills. Hives made of wood with no plastic frames or foundation used. Minimal filtering, no heat treatment, packed in glass jars. Honeycomb also available. Buy premium honey at a reasonable price direct from beekeeper.
Hayes Honey [51912602312]
Hayes Honey
mobile 0403 793 013
Northern Adelaide region, SA 5109
Salisbury Heights, Hope Valley, Fairview Park, Hillbank, Lewiston. Family business of urban beekeepers with a passion for increasing the population of bees in urban areas and educating others about the importance of bees in SA. We sell award-winning raw, natural, cold-pressed honey, honeycomb and beeswax.
Mark Rose [MBZ]
Rose Herbs and Honey
mobile 0402 381 169
phone (08) 8552 2669

Victor Harbor, SA 5211
Pure raw cold processed honey for sale. Wax candles and herbal products available. Local market stall at Victor Harbor Country Market. Home delivery available, please contact to discuss.
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