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Jan Dwipa - Golden Harvest Apiaries
Certified Flow Hive Ambassador

I have been supplying bees and bee services professionally on the Mornington Peninsula for the past ten years, although my beekeeping experience began in the backyard with dad as a youngster. Beekeeping is very much a part of the family’s history, as dad would often tell me stories of tending the bees on his grandfather’s farm at Lake Tyers in East Gippsland. He’d recall his first bee sting to me often enough as if it were yesterday, with love and a laugh. To help make ends meet, Dad’s dad turned his hand to professional beekeeping with two of his brothers during the depression years of last century. In the present, my daughters both keep bees and the grandkids have a very enthusiastic interest. That is six generations in all, with a healthy ‘taste for honey’, you could say bees and honey, are in our blood.

I endeavour to supply and maintain bees in the best of health to apiarists new and experienced alike, including for agricultural purposes. Aiming to instil a love of bees to those who wish to indulge in the many pleasures of bee keeping. For those with unwanted bee issues I offer swarm and feral colony removal services and specialise in cone-out and cut-out procedures as required.

Developing a relationship with your bees is a beautiful thing; and so I offer beginner beekeeper day courses during spring and summer focussing specifically on Flow Hive requirements. The renewed interest in bees and beekeeping, which is very much accompanied even propelled by the arrival of the Flow Hive, has increased exponentially over recent years, and it is my hope to expand also a greater appreciation for all that bees are to humankind. To encourage people to sit with their bees, get to know their ways, learn from them and connect to nature through them.  .  .  . A cuppa with the bees is much more than just a cuppa.

I also offer my services as a mentor, for newcomers to become confident and more able to relax and truly enjoy their beekeeping experience. For those who love the idea of fresh honey direct from the hive but prefer not to get up close and personal with the bees, I offer a more comprehensive beekeeping service. However with the arrival of the Flow Hive, designed, developed and made in Australia, the extraction process has become a whole new pleasure zone, and thank you to the Flow team for that.

I am very much a lover of the bees, and find that in return for my best practise and intentions when tending them I receive the gift of acknowledgement through acceptance from them. Although they are undomesticated creatures, they most certainly do respond well to heart felt attention. It is important to mention too that I practise and encourage a non-chemical, natural orientation to beekeeping in general.

As a certified Ambassador for Flow Hive International, I am supported and endorsed by the Flow team to share my expertise and knowledge with those who choose the Flow Hive for their bees.

I look forward to introducing you to your bees and the wonders of the beehive.  

Sincerely; Jan
Mobile: 0400 881 400  

14th September 2020     

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