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European Honeybees for sale in Western Australia
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Colin Cant [UG6]
QuickWings Pty Ltd
6 Eglinton Crescent
Hamersley, WA 6022
Tel (08) 9447 7751

Apis mellifera ligustica - QuickWings pty ltd is a Perth WA based supplier of quality bee hives and nucleus colonies. We offer NUCs with a range of different frame sizes appreciated by amateur backyard beekeepers as well as commercial operators all over WA. Our bees are: > very gentle to handle > good producers > come with a golden queen.

Mark Graubner [E8E]
Bare Honey
Bullsbrook, WA 6084
mobile 0404 889 243

Apis mellifera - We offer NUCs in FD frames, and either 4 or 5 frames. They are breed each Spring from selected hives demonstrating gentleness and productiveness, have a mated new season queen tested for excellent laying. We can supply in new corflute NUC boxes or populate your standard or Flow hive. Biosecurity protocols apply.

Eddy & Sonja Naude [MP2]
Magick Planet
Perth, WA 6171
mobile 0427 422 784

Apis mellifera
We breed and sell nucleus bee hives (nucs) to beekeepers in Western Australia. We run our own queen breeding program. All our nucs are sold with a new season queen, raised and mated in our apiaries.

Rasim Karafil [BC6]
Artisan Honey
Australind, WA 6233
mobile 0415 447 126

$ 500.00 each set. 3 box 24 frame, galv lid, galv queen excluder, emlock strap, vented gate for easy move, all hives to suit trolly lift, all brood boxes bases etc new, strong hives very active, honey in frames included. 23 hives available.
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