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European Honeybees for sale in South Australia & Northern Territory
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Leigh Campbell [LEC]
Leigh Campbell
Highbury, SA 5089
mobile 0468 518 588

5 Frame nucleus healthy strong bees. $220 Happy to tutor new beekeepers. Taking orders for early October onward. 12 years experience selling nucs. Suburb highbury north east . My names Leigh. Call me on 0468 518 588 cheers.

Phil Marshall [PGM]
Adelaide Bee Sales
Modbury North, SA 5092
mobile 0416 343 204

Golden Italian. The nucleus colonies features: New Italian queen. Five frames full depth frames with approximately 7000 bees. White corflute box for easy transport. One-month free phone support and one-month replacement (conditions apply) No swarms. AFB free (verified by Gribble's VETLAB honey test) Price $250.

Bill Hawkes [SQB]
Bundaleer Apiaries
3 Rio Ct, Hackham, SA 5163
Tel (08) 8326 1919
Mob 0418 810 308

Wild European Honey Bee Swarms for sale. Leave empty hives at my property for the fill of a strong and young swarm including new Queen. Maximum 10 at a time.

Mark Rose [MBZ]
Rose Herbs and Honey
32 Waterport Rd, Port Elliot, SA 5212
mobile 0402 381 169

Locally adapted hybrids using calm, productive strains.
Supplied quality nucleus hives of bees for several years and happy for customers to purchase my bees and explore the wonderful world of beekeeping. 5 frame ventilated transport boxes that can be transported on the back seat of the car. The nucleus has a laying Queen, four frames of stores and bees, spare undrawn frame.

Michael Buck [BUC]
Buck's Bees
Port Victoria, SA 5573
Mob 0448 866 374

Italian bees in 5 frame NUCs for sale. Free of AFB and EFB. Nuc comes with new season Italian Queen 4 frames of bees, stores and 1 foundation frame for expansion. Can supply in a hive doctor smart nuc for additional $25 or i can put in your hive for free. Can work out a delivery. Please email or phone for more details.
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