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European Honeybees for sale in Queensland
(sorted by postcode)

Sofia Chang [C605]
Bees Alive!
Fitzgibbon, Qld 4018
mob 0435 018 283

Italian - Available weekly. Five frame in a brand new corflute nuc/ transport box typically containing:
• 2 -3 frames eggs/ capped/ uncapped brood – all stages,
• 1 - 2 frames of honey and pollen,
• 1 x mated, healthy and robust marked queen of Italian genes grafted from a breeder Queen (first generation). Disease-free apiary.

Deborah Batchelor [1580]
Two Busy Bees Honey
38 Buhot Street East
Brisbane, Qld 4034
mob 0405 685 750

Genetic strains include European Honey Bees ~ Italian and Caucasian
Happy, healthy, calm and strong honey bees for your new beehive from a well established and settled apiary in Brisbane. Six wooden frame Nuc (starter hive) includes Queen Bee, nurse bees, drones, worker bees, established brood, honey and pollen. Cost includes delivery, calm installation, hands on tutorial and support.

John Craig [C490]
Warwick, Qld 4370
mob 0431 188 139

European honey bees - Italian. Beehives for sale Small quantity - up to five (5) WSP, three deck - two brood, one honey super, with metal queen excluder. In as new condition, painted white, in migratory gear. Bees strong and healthy, with stores. Inspection by arrangement. Pick up only. Cash payment.

Steven Rackley [186292]
Edgewood Bees
Stony Creek, Qld 4514
mobile 0457 923 250

'Unfortunately we won't be able to supply any Nucleus Hives this year'

Samuel & Joshua Millard  [M1159]
Yeltukka Apiaries
Gympie, Qld 4570
mobile 0423 216 757

2021 Nucleus hives have sold out. We will have more 5 frame nucleus beehives suitable for standard and flow hives with a mated Italian queen from August next year. Contact us if you would like to place a pre-order.
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