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European Honeybees for sale in NSW & ACT
(sorted by location)
Henry Freiburg [NF80]
Sydney Bee Shop
North Sydney, NSW 2060
mobile 0423 298 841
Italian. I sell nucs in the Spring and full-size colonies year-round. I also sell Warre hives, with or without bees.

Michael Rayner  [NR195]
mobile 0426 990 509

Italian Bees Apis Melifera Nucs and 8 frame single and double Hives for sale. I supply strong nucs, Single 8 frame hives ready for adding super also a quantity of double 8 and 10 frame hives. Prices are competative. 5 Frame Nucs in coreflute box are $250 each.

Mahmoud Halloum [BK-6423]
Liverpool, NSW 2170
mobile 0404 000 540
Honey bee Hives and Nucs available.

Rochelle Polley [BK-11596]
Sydney Inner West Bee Keepers
Hurlstone Park, NSW 2193
mobile 0402 009 758

European Honey Bees. Inner West Bee Keepers are collecting swarms all over Sydney, We have good healthy swarms in nucs to sell to bee keepers.
Steven Hayes [NH48]
Little Star Bee Sanctuary
Nambucca Valley
phone (02) 6564 8737
Apis mellifera. Our colonies are bred using natural beekeeping principles and we offer, frames of bees, single and double hives, queens and beekeeping courses.
Scott Richardson [R6707]
HoneyBee Hives
Kremnos, NSW 2460
mobile 0411 097 275

HoneyBee Hives offers high quality, strong & healthy European (Apis mellifera) bees in nucleus or working hives for hobbyists and commercial beekeepers. Our apiary is free of disease and pests and we guarantee the strength, health and quality of our hives.

Laura Patmore [NP572]
That Local Honey
Kiama, NSW 2533

PRE-ORDERS FOR BEES ARE OPEN! Bees will be ready in Spring - date to be confirmed so they have maximum colony numbers and resources. Headed by one of our own That Local Honey queens, grafted from our breeder queen. Nucs - 5 frames with all of the baby brood, pollen and honey they need to start the season.

Hamish Ta-mé [BB888]
Flow Hive Beekeeping
Bowral, NSW 2576
mobile 0428 294 569

Flow Hive Bees. If you've got your first Flow Hive you now need some strong, healthy, happy, pretty and productive bees! Hamish is a Flow Hive Ambassador and an enthusiast for the system. He works with specialist queen bee breeders to build up colonies that are a pleasure to work with and have in your garden or property. If you just need a colony he can provide a 5x frame Nucleus colony that include a strong coverage of bees alongside a mix of capped brood, nectar and pollen with a new season queen in a new Hive Doctor box. They are made up of five frames with additional waxed and wired frames available if required. Hamish has been working with the DPI and has developed an industry leading Trace. Test and Certify protocol for all of his colonies. If you haven't done a workshop yet, Hamish runs weekly Flow Hive focussed workshops at his dedicated teaching apiary in Bowral (90mins from Sydney or Canberra, 60mins from Wollongong) where you will learn everything you need to get started as well as a discount code to use when buying your hive.

Michael Devey [D304]
Bindaree Bee Supplies
Murrumbateman, NSW 2582
mobile 0408 260 164
phone (02) 6226 8866
These are Italian honeybees. The queens are selected to suit an urban situation, they're keen but not mean. Delivery local area only.

Jeff Matsen [NM3]
Snowgum Honeybees
Bungendore, NSW 2621
mobile 0466 247 481

Italian. Starter bee packages available from spring to summer. Consists of a five frame nuc with a new marked (for easy identification) queen, lots of worker bees.

Eric Davies [ABC123]
Better Bee Hives
Canberra, ACT 2611
mobile 0414 501 578
Italians & Caucasians. Our Nucleus hives are full five frame hives with a proven queen, ideal for starting to adding to any beekeeping apiary, hobby or commercial. Available Spring through Sumer each year. Queen can be marked for ease of identification. Please let us know if you are after Italian or Caucasian Nuc's at the time of order, both are pure strains.
Adrian Grew [NG218]
The Bee Farmer
Hawkesbury, NSW 2758
mobile 0447 727 709
Italians - Our business is Bees. Our Nucleus Hives consist of full depth Langstroth frames of brood, pollen and honey with a new young mated and marked Queen. Our Nucleus Hives are brand new boxes and frames eliminating the risk of disease transfer. Commercial enquiries welcome, email for more information.
Charmaine Lotriet [N6553]
Hovells Creek, NSW 2794
mobile 0414 448 604

Apis mellifera. Suburbanbeehive offers quality European bees in nucleus or working hives for hobbyists. Our strong apiary is situated in a biodiverse forage setting ensuring organic, strong, quality pest and disease-free bees. We offer a full-range of services and training to get you started. Please check our website for details.

Matthew Hill [BK-10399]
Abuzz beekeeping supplies pty ltd
Mudgee, NSW 2850
mobile 0411 874 778

Italian. I produce high quality nucleus colonies with Italian queen from queen bee exporters, they are extremely calm and productive bees. All frames, foundation and hives are under 12 months old with many years left in them. 6 frame overwintered $250 - 5 frame standard $190 - 10 frame established $400 Email me for more information.
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