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Online Beekeeping Courses
Learning about Beekeeping online

Online Beekeeping Course
P.O. Box 303, Bangalow, NSW 2479

An online beekeeping course developed by the inventors of the Flow Hive and featuring the world's beekeeping experts. HD video lessons, practical tutorials, optional assessments and premium beekeeping support via email. From beginner beekeeping basics through to in-depth scientific understanding of bees.

Apis Mellifera
Introductory Beekeeping Course
by Amazing Bees

This online course explains the fundamentals of beekeeping. Take your time by progressing through the course step by step. After completion of all six sessions you have obtained a comprehensive knowledge about bees and beekeeping, ready to bee a  beekeeper.

Beekeeping Workshop
by CERES Environment Park
contact Luisa Cardamone
phone (03) 9389 0124

This online workshop provides you with an insight into the skills and experience required to safely and effectively manipulate a bee hive and carrying out general management practices. Taught by Benedict Hughes, The Practical Beekeeper.

Beekeeping Beginners Guide
by Flowers across Sydney
contact Sean Morrissy

Flowers across Sydney is a Sydney based online florist who has published a really detailed beginners guide to beekeeping. It has lots of visuals and lots of content.

Ballarat Regional Beekeepers

Online Course – Beginner Beekeepers

This online course covers the information needed to commence beekeeping. More details
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