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Pollination Bees from Beekeepers in Victoria
(sorted by Service area)
Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
web link
Home Location
{Pollination Service area}
Bee species
Ben Moore [M376]
Ben's Bees
mobile 0437 077 792
Yarra Valley, Vic
Outer Eastern Melbourne region
{Yarra Valley, Victoria}
Rob McIntyre [S563]
Seville Farm
phone 1300 36 00 56
Seville, Vic 3139
Yarra Valley region
{Yarra Valley}
Italian. Agricultural crop pollination service. Free initial no obligation site consultation for optimal placement - maximise flight times (morning and afternoon), in row placement, number of hives required, wind direction, etc. Fully maintained hive for period of rental.
Alf Brugman [B663]
Vic Honey
mobile 0448 916 566
Upper Beaconsfield, Vic 3808
Outer Eastern Melbourne region
{Melbourne and surrounds}
Italian and Caucasian.
Organic crops only, no sprays.
Sofia and Michael [K508]
mobile 0416 336 115
mobile 0404 107 787
Victoria, 3029
Kinglake, Vic 3763
Central Victoria
{All over Victoria}
Hurstbridge, Vic 3099
{We can deliver across parts of Victoria and including hives in suburban vegie gardens in Melbourne}
Justin Bumpstead [B793]
Bumpstead Family Apiaries
mobile 0432 565 061
Frankie Spranger [S025]
Bee Rescue
mobile 0408 336 363
Lynne Bowler [B182]
Bee Lovable Products
mobile 0414 895 395
Macedon Ranges Shire
Outer North Western Melbourne region
{within 100km of Macedon Ranges}
I have several bee hives and I am happy to locate them in farms with crops for pollination, free.
Italian bees. We can supply bees for pollination all over Victoria. Very reasonably priced.
Contact us well in advance if you are looking to pollinate your crop/s or orchard/s. Limited to organic, non GM crops, without use of neonicotinoids. Hives placed on your land shouldn’t be visible from surrounding roads, in locations where we are unlikely to get bogged.
European Honeybees. 1-6 hives; provided crop or seed has not been treated with neonicotinoids. Formal agreement required.
Italian/Ligurian, Caucasian. Annual Hive Leasing for 1 to 5 hives for year round pollination. Fully managed hives and you will be gifted the first portion of the honey crop! Perfect for Lifestyle blocks, hobby farms, market gardens/orchards etc. You're welcome to participate in the hive inspections if you wish to learn. Provided crop or seed has not been treated with neonicotinoids. Formal agreement required.
40 hives available.
William Rogers [R260]
The Bunyip Beekeeper
mobile 0487 100 001
Luke Wilson [W499]
Traralgon Beehive Removals
10 Jakobi Court, Traralgon
mobile 0438 326 096
Bunyip, Vic 3815
{West Gippsland Area, Eastern Melbourne Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Within 150km from our home base}
Traralgon, Vic 3844
Moe Jarrad [J175]
Moe the Bee Man
mobile 0438 746 501
Frankston, Vic 3199
{Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. Up to one hour drive from Frankston.}
Italian. Service offered provided no spraying during hive hire times. Formal agreement.
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