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Pollination Bees from Beekeepers in South Australia & Northern Territory
(sorted by Service area)
Bee species
Home Location
{Pollination Service area}
Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
web link
Corie Bellinger [UHL]
Growing greener
mobile 0481 765 001
Apis mellifera ligustica
Uraidla, SA 5142
Adelaide Hills
{South Australia}
Geoff Beck [BEX]
Becks bee co.
mobile 0418 820 620
Michael & Kylie Pitt [RGP]
Berrima Apiaries
phone (08) 8554 9533
Crispin Boxhall [CEB]
Crispin's Beekeeping
mobile 0477 172 171
Rex Clarke  [WRC]
wild farmer bees
mobile 0419 849 389
Sellicks Beach, SA 5174
{Fleurieu, mid north , Murray mallee}
Mount Compass, SA 5210
{South Australia}
Petwood, SA 5254
South Australia
{Adelaide Hills River Lands Fleurieur}
Mount Gambier, SA 5290
Southern Australia
{South Australia and Victoria}
Italian & kangaroo island bees. Please call for number of available hives at any given time.
Please call for availability of hives.
A.M. Ligustica A.M. Carniola A.M. Caucasia. Really nice, clean, hard working bees.
Golden and Ligurian. Keen to be involved in lemon industry.
Jason Smith [JMS]
mobile 0407 473 069
Burra, SA 5417
{All South Australia}
Ann ... [M]
Darwin beekeeper
mobile 0439 760 871
mobile 0499 227 522

Northern Territory
{Darwin areas}
I have hives for almond pollination. Please phone for more info and availability.
Italian Bees
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