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Bee Removal by Beekeepers in Melbourne (East 1-7)
(sorted by home location or collection area)

Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details - web link
Home Location
Collection area

Removal of swarms/nests
Fee charged yes/no
Frankie Spranger [S025]
Bee Rescue
mobile 0408 336 363
We specialize in bee rescue across Melbourne metro area and regional Victoria of established bee hives inside walls/floors/ceilings of houses, sheds, compost bins, and inside trees and gardens etc.
Established nests safely removed and recycled. Reasonable fee charged. We are the preferred bee rescuers for a number of Councils and State Government agencies, and have undertaken hundreds of rescues successfully across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are also insured, and for examples of past rescues please see our website.
The Beekeepers Club
See listings on club website
Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Vic
Swarms & Nests - See individual entries for details. The Beekeepers Club is Melbourne's biggest hobbyist group and has many members willing to collect swarms. We maintain a page of information and contact numbers.
Justin Bumpstead [B793]
Bumpstead Family Apiaries
mobile 0432 565 061
Kinglake, Vic 3763
Kinglake, Kinglake Central, Kinglake West, Pheastant Creek, Flowerdale, Whittlesea, Mernda, South Morang, Doreen, Yarrambat, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Wattle Glen, Hurstbridge, St Andrews, Toolangi, Dixons Creek, Yarra Glen, Kangaroo Ground
Swarms & Nests
Small fee depending on location for swarms. Very competitively priced for hive/nest removal. Safe and Chemical free. If your area isn't listed please get in contact.
Benedict Hughes [H235]
The Practical Beekeeper
mobile 0418 863 884
Northcote, Vic 3070
Northern suburbs of Melbourne, covers Darebin, Moreland, Banyule, Yarra, Nillumbik, Hume etc.
[3056 3065 3068 3070 3071 3072 3078 3079 3084]
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged.
Damien Hoban [H102]
Melbourne Honey Co
mobile 0450 683 624
Regent / Reservoir, Vic 3073
Darebin and adjacent municipalities.
Swarms & Nests. No fee for local swarms. Please contact me as soon as a swarm has landed for prompt removal. Local swarms I can collect by bicycle are free, others attract a fee for time and travel. For larger 'cut out' removals quotations start from $140.
Sebastian Oczkowski [O684]
mobile 0448 311 977
Reservoir, Vic 3073
Within 30km of Reservoir but can be flexible.
Swarms and Nests. Fee for swarms is $50, nests start from $80, that includes unlimited callbacks if they reswarm/renest in the same place. All money raised goes back into bee equipment to keep my buzzing darlings happy. The price of removal of nests depends on location, height, travel time, size and difficulty of access. Email or call and I'll let you know the approximate cost.
Robert Stott [S056]
mobile 0412 100 589
Yarrambat, Vic 3091
Whittlesea shire, Nillumbik Shire, Banyule shire, Boonadarra Shire.
Swarms only. $50 removal fee. For fast and quick removal of Bee Swarms please call Robert on 0412 100 589
Murray Lazenby [L087]
Beelife Beekeeping
mobile 0411 722 138
Eltham North, Vic 3095
Eltham, Greensborough, Research, Montmorency, Diamond Creek and surrounds
Swarms & Nests.  Fee charged according to conditions. Quote provided. I am a professional beekeeper, specialising in removal of honeybees and european wasps. For a quick response, please SMS a photo of the swarm or nest.
Jack Spittle [S981]
mobile 0422 314 402
Hampton, Vic 3188
Bayside area
Swarms only - Fee charged. I am very available to remove swarms during the week. The fee is dependent on the difficulty of the swarm and the travel distance.
Gavan O'Connell [O88]
mobile 0418 356 598
Bayside and surrounding suburbs. [3184, 3185, 3186, 3187, 3188, 3189, 3190, 3191, 3192, 3193, 3194]
Swarms only - fee charged.
Colin Priestley [P398]
Parkdale Beekeeping
mobile 0418 351 883
Parkdale, Vic 3195
Parkdale area, and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Extending to Frankston South, Narre Warren, Cranbourne South, Langwarrin, Pearcedale. And that area.
Swarms & Nests. No fee charged, but reinstatement of property after removal may incur a small charge for time and required new materials. Please be patient when ringing as when suited up the phone is not accessible. But I will return your call.
Nick Morandini [ ? ]
mobile 0411 893 283
Doncaster, Vic 3108
Doncaster and nearby
Swarms only - No Fee charged
Peter Dyer [D133]
mobile 0425 873 555
Surrey Hills, Vic 3127
Boroondara, Stonnington, Whitehorse, Yarra
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged. If you have a swarm (can see hundreds of bees) please phone 0425 873 555 it will get a faster response than text or email.
Gavin Preston [P441]
mobile 0402 833 228
Camberwell, Vic 3124 - Eastern suburbs, City of Whitehorse, City of Monash [3124 3125 3128 3130 3131 3133 3146 3147 3150 3151 3152 3156 3166 3168 3170 3180]
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged.
David Beltrami [B553]
mobile 0411 576 640
Blackburn, Vic 3130
3130 3132 3131 and all surrounding areas
Swarms only - No Fee charged
Peter Milic [M422]
phone (03) 9873 2726
mobile 0418 340 093
John Howard [H159]
phone (03) 9544 7754
Mitcham, Vic 3132
Inner/outer eastern suburbs
Clayton, Vic 3168 - Clayton and surrounding areas within a radius of 12km. [3168 3163 3166 3179 3150 3149 3148 3145 3165 3204 3167 3169 3174 3172 3192 3190 3189 3202]
Swarms only - No Fee charged
Swarms only - Fee charged
Noble Park, Vic 3174
Anywhere in the Melbourne region
Cheltenham, Richmond [3192]
South Eastern Suburbs/ Melbourne Area
Ferntree Gully, Vic 3156
Dandenong Ranges, Eastern and South Eastern Melbourne
[3156 3158 3793 3795]
Sherbrooke-Sassasfras, Vic 3789
Throughout the Dandenong Ranges and surrounding areas including Shire of Yarra Ranges; Knox Council; City of Casey, Cardinia Shire.
Vic 3139
Outer Eastern Suburbs & the Yarra Valley
Yarra Valley, Vic
All of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
Healesville and surrounding suburbs
Upper Beaconsfield, Vic 3808 - All eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. [3143 3147 3153 3981 3806 3807 3808 3809 3810 3204 3193 3155 3128 3186 3121 3125 3977 3978 3163 3197 3201 3162 3196 3182 3168 3978 3175 3977 3199 3782 3195 3130 3791 3160 3135]
Officer, Vic 3809
Any area from Drouin to Dandenong and Gembrook to Lang Lang
Pakenham/Garfield, Vic 3810
Cardinia and Casey Council areas, Parts of Baw Baw and Base Coast Council areas. Pakenham, Berwick, Cranbourne, Emerald, Cockatoo, Koo Wee Rup, Caldermeade, Drouin, Phillip Island.
Bunyip, Vic 3815 Outer South-Eastern areas - up to 60 minutes from Bunyip = Ferntree Gully, Cranbourne, Pakenham area through to Warragul, Moe, Traralgon and Leongatha, San Remo, Wonthaggi areas. [3155-3160, 3173-3178, 3196-3201, 3781-3795, 3802-3825, 3840-3844, 3910-3915, 3945-3951, 3975-3995] Other areas by arrangement.
Narre Warren North, Vic 3805
Dandenong, Lysterfield, Beaconsfield, Lyndhurst and all points between.
Berwick, Vic 3806
City of Casey, Dandenong Area, South East Suburbs
Seaford, Vic 3198
35km radius of Frankston. [3199 and surrounding areas]
Frankston, Vic 3199
Swarms and Nests from any area in Melbourne.
Providing Bee removal for the Melbourne South side and Mornington Peninsula.
Somerville, Vic 3912
Mornington Peninsula, from Frankston and Carrum to Rosebud, Hastings, Somerville, Mornington
Swarms & Nests
No Fee charged
Swarms and Nests - Easy Swarms Free - Nests and difficult swarms fee charged. John and Will the Bee Men. We remove all sorts of swarms and even from strange locations. Will is a bit of a Monkey at climbing trees! Willing to remove established nests from houses and structures (not brick). Professional safe service.
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged.
Swarms only - Fee charged. Free for pensioners and seniors. I am available most days for quick & efficient swarm collection. I can also provide baited traps to collect swarms without hassles. If there is a bee hive within 200m of a swarm trap, any swarm will typically locate themselves inside of the trap without causing a nuisance. I will pick up swarm traps with bees within 24 hours. Prefer SMS, as I am often working bees. Send address & photo of swarm please.
Swarms only - No Fee charged
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged.
Bee swarms collected and removed; Feral hives safely removed; European wasps exterminated.
Swarms only - No Fee charged
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged.
Swarms only.
Subject to difficulty of access. Price from $200. We will not remove bees that have built comb inside building wall cavities or in roof spaces. Swarms need to be located and advised to us within 3 days of their landing.
Swarms and Nests. Swarms free. If nests can be captured easily, also free. Registered beekeeper available most times to collect and relocate bees. I am not a pest control agent and will do my utmost to relocate any colony safely.
Swarms & Nests
Free swarm collection within Bunyip; otherwise fee charged.
Swarms & Nests - Swarms are removed for free. A free quote can be provided to remove established nests. We love bees and will add yours to our happy girls. They will not be harmed.
Swarms & Nests. No fees for swarms. Never exterminate bees, call us, we will remove them safely.
Swarms from $40, Nests by negotiation.
Swarms & Nests - Fee charged. We use many effective methods to limit damage to property and harm to bees and humans.
Please see website for the club's list.
Removal of swarms only
Fee charged $75.00 for successful removal. No charge if unable to remove.
Mornington Peninsula and Melb Eastern suburbs. Builder, bee removal from buildings.
Swarms & Nests - Free or quote. Up to 60 per hour for specialist jobs requiring building works.
Hastings, Vic 3915
Hastings and surrounding suburbs of the Mornington Peninsula
Swarms only. $50+ negotiable. Happy to assist in the removal of swarms. All prices and negotiated before bee removal.
Rye, Vic 3941
Mornington Peninsula
Swarms & Nests. Charges apply according to distance and difficulty, easy swarms close to home are free.
Rosebud to Portsea.
[3940 3941 3942 3943 3944]
Swarms & Nests - by Donation.
Please text with address and picture if possible.
Damir Hasanbegovic [H703]
mobile 0413 861 313
John Hayman [H586] & William Kwan [K407]
John & Will the Bee Men
mobile 0408 220 438
mobile 0448 628 887
Ryan Scott [S518]
mobile 0403 432 099
Barry Roberts [R310]
Sherbrooke Honey
mobile 0413 057 756
Dan Milic [M523]
Yarra Valley Bees
mobile 0428 339 452
mobile 0417 507 401
Ben Moore [M376]
Ben's Bees
mobile 0437 077 792
Mark Teunissen [T204]
Marsal Beez
mobile 0417 434 262
Alf Brugman [B663]
Upper Beaconsfield Apiaries
mobile 0448 916 566
Rob Armstrong  [A389]
Doug Axnick [A355]
mobile 0438 292 648
William Rogers [R260]
The Bunyip Beekeeper
mobile 0487 100 001
Peter and Rosemarie Tipping [T395]
PO Box 2264, Fountain Gate, Vic 3805
Mob 0403 17 38 37
Conrad Sevenster [S951]
M45 Machine Design Co
mobile 0418 359 285
Glenn Lockhart  [L231]
Glenron Honey
mobile 0407 364 726
Moe Jarrad [J175]
Moe the Bee Man
mobile 0438 746 501
Southside Beekeepers Club Inc.
Rosemary Meads [M951]
mobile 0409 705 637
Samuel Bennett [B004]
mobile 0419 894 172
Kate Nangle [N182]
mobile 0438 995 022
Jan & Yuliandari Dwipa [D321]
Golden Harvest Bee Products
phone (03) 5985 2214
mobile 0400 881 400
mobile 0407 162 202
Simon Mulvany [M620]
mobile 0400 882 146
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