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The Knobel Family
Beekeeper Profile

Hi, I'm Jo. My Husband Mark and I and our two little boys live in Clermont, a small old country town in Outback Queensland, Australia.

I grew up in Clermont, my family has been here for generations. After living in the city for a few years we decided on a 'tree change' and moved back. We love the bush. Mark served in the Australian Military for a number of years and was happy to try the quiet life after a few hairy tours overseas. Continuing a family bee-keeping tradition begun by his Father and Grandfather, Mark started keeping his own bees.

Our Bees live on our property out of town, that is covered in native bush trees. The taste of our fresh honey from our bees, on bushland was amazing. Our family, friends and neighbours tasted our honey and wanted more, so things just grew from there.

We now supply the community with fresh seasonal unique, natural premium organic honey. Who knows who will taste our honey next! Life is sweet!

We are Registered Beekeepers in Queensland, Member of Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc and Member of The Central Queensland Beekeepers Association.

Clermont is a small country town in Central Queensland with a population of about 3000 people. We are about 1000km from Brisbane (the closest capital city) and about 4 hours from the ocean. The conditions are harsh out here with temperatures ranging from -5 to 45 degrees celsius. We have no traffic lights in town and experience floods and droughts but we would not have it any other way. This is home.

Mark and Joanne Knobel - Knobel Honey [K1018] (22nd June 2017)

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