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Brother Joe
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I introduced bees to Bellbuyna Community on the Sunshine coast in 2014 and was part of (Mary) Valley Bees club, who have a very successful Open Day each year, usually in early Spring. I established two hives on the community and moved back to Brisbane early 2015. I harvested honey on the community. It was 17 kg from the first hive, one brood, one super. The second newly established hive came from a nuc from an organic beekeeper at Glasshouse Mountains. The first hive had Apithor in, not the second. In Brisbane I got three hives and bought essential equipment from a retiring bee keeper early 2015 and am ready for my first harvest here this Spring. I follow the suggestions of a local bee keeper here and modify the whole bottom board and lid to be small hive beetle traps. Yes, the bees loose some pollen in the modified bottom boards, but the efficient control of the SHB outweighs the loss, imo. I don't use Apithor. I've ordered one of the new Flow Hives, which should arrive in December 2015, because I like to experiment/try new things. I think it's the only way to learn and avoid closed mindedness/arrogance. I give free workshops on beekeeping with the Logan Food Gardeners group nearly monthly. I also have native bees and work with local tree loppers to save hives they can't salvage. I'm a secular celibate Buddhist monk. I don't follow Buddhism as a religion. I don't chant in foreign languages, or even English. I don't light candles or incense. I try to live sustainably and in joy...

Norman Joseph Smith [S1515] (20th August 2015)
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