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European Honeybees for sale in Victoria
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Benedict Hughes [H235]
The Practical Beekeeper
Thornbury, Vic 3071
mobile 0418 863 884
We’re working hard to make the best bees possible, and have teamed up with the guys from Bee Scientifics and Warral Apiaries Pty Ltd an accredited BQual queen bee producer to bring you the best Nucs in town. Each new colony will come in an 8 frame box and have:
• A young well mated queen from hygienic stock
• Minimum five frames of fat healthy bees
• Minimum three frames with healthy brood in all stages
• Been made into freshly irradiated equipment
• Been made from antibiotic free, disease free
Sonia Randhawa [R441]
Preston, Vic 3072
Caucasian bees, four frames with a young healthy queen. Local delivery in the Melbourne area is possible.
Frankie Spranger [S025]
Bee Rescue
Hurstbridge, Vic 3099
mobile 0408 336 363
If you live in the Melbourne metro area, we can provide you bees and bee hives for sale as follows:
1. A Bee Hive (ie box, lid, bottom, 8 frames, queen, brood, honey), or
2. Bees for Your new FlowHive (4 frames nucleus, queen, bees, brood and honey
To register your interest, please complete the form on our website.
Rob McIntyre [S563]
Seville Farm
Seville, Vic 3139
phone 1300 36 00 56
Italian bees. Bred by us at our Yarra Valley farm. Single level hives, double level hives and nucleus hives available. Nucleus hives can be sold with beehives or can be inserted into your own box.
Ben Moore [M376]
Ben's Bees
Glen Waverley, Vic 3150
mobile 0437 077 792
Carniolan, Caucasian, Italian
5 frame Nucleus Hives full of bees, honey, brood and pollen. These bees come in their own transportable weather resistant coreflute box.
Delivery by arrangement. Can also safely freight to Sydney and Adelaide.
Dietmar Klimkeit [K143]
Amazing Bees
The Basin, Vic 3154
We can provide bees in spring and summer. Please visit our website for details.
Peter Pantic [P345]
Bentleigh East, Vic 3165
mobile 0430 370 440
Four new healthy and happy bee colonies available for sale, one Carniolan and three Italian boxes. All four boxes have new queen bee with a queen laying eggs. In each new box, there are 8 frames, 4-5 frames with bees, honey and brood. Charge of $350 per box. A charge of $25 apply for a single delivery to Melbourne.
Jack Spittle [S981]
Hampton, Vic 3188
mobile 0422 314 402
I catch wild swarms and then get them building into neat frames. If there is a queen then I will utilise it, however if there is no queen then I will produce one from my personal hives. I do not produce nucleus hives on a large scale and am dependent on what the weather is doing and if there are swarms around.
Justin Bumpstead [B793]
Bumpstead Family Apiaries
Kinglake, Vic 3763
mobile 0432 565 061
Italian bees for sale. Very gentle. Please get in touch for more information.
Alf Brugman [B663]
Upper Beaconsfield Apiaries
184 Berglund Road
Upper Beaconsfield, VIC 3808
Italian and Caucasian and hybrids of both. We add colony to your hive box with foundation only. Pick up only.
William Rogers [R260]
The Bunyip Beekeeper
Bunyip, Vic 3815
mobile 0487 100 001
Victorian agent for Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees. Excellent producers whilst still very docile and gentle - perfect for the beginner beekeeper or for urban environments! Caught Local Swarms (100's) in nuc boxes, these can be purchased either freshly caught (unknown queen) or established with replaced queen from known stock (Caucasian, Carniolan, Ligurian). Available from the spring to early autumn - Waiting List applies. Pickup only or negotiated delivery (Victoria).
Jan Dwipa [D321]
Golden Harvest Bee Products
45 Keith Street
Tootgarook, Vic 3941
phone (03) 5985 2214
mobile 0400 881 400
We are located on the Mornington Peninsula, supplying bees in boxes (as complete colonies) and on frames (supply your own box). Delivery by arrangement.
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