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European Honeybees for sale in South Australia & Northern Territory
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Leigh Campbell [LEC]
Highbury, SA 5089
mobile 0468 518 588
Healthy nucleuses and bee hives to your requirements.
Bill Hawkes [SQB]
Bundaleer Apiaries
3 Rio Ct, Hackham, SA 5163
Tel (08) 8326 1919
Mob 0418 810 308
Wild European Honey Bee Swarms for sale. Leave empty hives at my property for the fill of a strong and young swarm including new Queen. Maximum 10 at a time.
Stephen Heatley [H67]
PO Box 142
Parndana, Kangaroo Island, SA 5220
phone (08) 8559 5045
mobile 0438 951 785
Ligurian. The colonies come in 5 frame nuc boxes which the customer can keep. Depending on conditions nucs are able to be produced most of the year. We are free of AFB, EFB and SHB. No antibiotics are used. Nucs are $220 each, includes GST. Can deliver.
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