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For Beekeepers
Beekeepers' Pinboard

This pinboard is for Beekeepers in Australia wanting to sell or buy beekeeping gear, tools and equipment, or make announcements.

It is for one-off actions and events only - regular and ongoing sales activities are covered in their specific registers such as Apiary Supplies

Housekeeping: If not stated otherwise all items expire six months after posting and will be removed from the pinboard.  

Disclaimer: The website owner makes no representations as to the nature of the services advertised or the character of any advertiser. The website owner has no involvement and does not take any liability, responsibility or obligations for what results from the contact between two parties. Any potential legal aspects would be between the two parties.
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For Sale
Item Description, contact details - Photo, link to more details - Date posted
4 Frame Honey Extractor, electric with Australian plug. Stainless steel, 220 Volts 140 Watts. Size: 53cm X 53cm X 90cm. Price: $950 cash only sale. Location: Rosemeadow via Campbelltown, 48 Blaxland Rd (Kennards Self Storage). Payment plan is available.
Posted: 31-Aug-2017
Contact: Luke
5 Fitzgibbon Lane
Rosemeadow, NSW 2560
Tel 0401 263 185


Seeking to Buy
Item Description, Contact details - Photo, link to more details - Date posted
Item Description, Contact details - Photo, link to more details - Date posted
To all Aussie Backyard Beekeepers
Hello! I am writing to you from the ABC about a collaborative project between ABC Organic Gardener magazine and ABC Books. With bees in decline all over the world, we want to celebrate Aussie backyard beekeepers. That is why we are so excited to launch a call out to find true stories and photos from beekeepers of all kinds and from across Australia to feature in a photographic book that will be released in September 2018. Whether from the country, the suburbs or a city, we want to hear from as many backyard beekeepers and native bee enthusiasts as possible. Beekeeping is becoming increasingly important in supporting bee populations and keeping our gardens pollinated, and we hope that publishing real-life beekeeping stories will help to inspire other Australians to support their local environment in this way. We passionately believe in the relevance of this cause and we can see that you do, too. I am reaching out to you to ask whether you would be interested in promoting this project on your website or platform. Whether in your own words or in the words I have used above, it would be great to get the word out into your community. Entrants can find all the details, read the terms and conditions and submit their story and photos at I very much hope that this would be of interest and I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Daisy
Posted: 31-Oct-2017
Daisy Bryant
Sydney, NSW 2010
Tel 0412 628 823
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