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Bee Removal by Beekeepers in Victoria
(Melbourne area and Regional Victoria)

Because technical limitations are preventing us from listing all beekeepers of Victoria in one huge Bee Removal Service register, there are three registers for Victoria, two for the greater Melbourne area and one for Regional Victoria.

The register for the greater Melbourne area Mel West 7-1 covers the yellow shaded zone in the map, Mel East 1-7 covers the pink shaded zone in the map. (the numbers corresponding with the numbers on a clock face)

Before calling a beekeeper from the other end of town please search the register for your own zone first to find beekeepers nearby.

However, it cannot always be clearly determined which zone a beekeeper's listing should be allocated to; i.e. suburbs spanning over two zones or at the fringe of a zone. It is advisable to search through all three registers, also because some beekeepers provide their service for the entire Melbourne area.

The map below indicates the zones chosen for the registers.
Melbourne clock map
Beekeepers wanting to be listed in the Bee Removal Service Register
on this web page, please >>submit your details>>
Please note:
Someone advertising or providing pest control services involving the use of pesticides for commercial gain is required to hold a valid pest control licence. For the physical removal of bees a licence is not required.
For the removal of wasp nests, or when bees cannot be physically removed by a beekeeper, the services of a licensed Pest Control organisation might be required.
Search for pest controllers in Australia by postcode or suburb: Pest Control Search
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