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Bee Removal by Beekeepers in New South Wales & A.C.T.
(sorted by postcode or collection area)
Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
web link
Home Location
Collection area
Removal of swarms/nests
Fee charged yes/no
Richard Weber [W240]
Richard Weber
mobile 0400 770 068
Michael Syme [S285]
Honey from the hills
mobile 0423 513 260
Lane Cove, NSW 2066
Sydney North Shore
Terrey Hills, NSW 2084
All local areas on the Sydney northern beaches from postcodes 2084 to 2108.
Swarms only - No charge
Swarms only - Free of Charge. Will also look at nests depending on location. Also happy to offer advise on the best way to remove.
Rocco Polito [8754]
mobile 0448 412 681
Cromer, NSW 2099
Warringah, Manly and Pittwater Council Areas.
No fee charged.
Danys Bentancur [BK-12906]
mobile 0418 240 718
Sydney Ryde, NSW 2112
20 km radius from Ryde
Swarms and Nests. Free of charge.
Mike Rayner  [NR195]
mobile 0426 990 509
Beecroft, NSW 2119
up to 25km from Beecroft
Swarms only. Swarms free pick up, nests in buildings from $200, upper charges depending on the situation. I will inspect, advise and supply a quote for $50
Johan de Kock [BK3609]
mobile 0423 399 567
Holgate, NSW 2250
Erina, Terrigal, Wamberal, Holgate.
Swarms only - Free of Charge.
Mahmoud Halloum [BK-6423]
mobile 0404 000 540
Liverpool, NSW 2557
All Sydney, Western Sydney
Swarms and Nests.
Free bee swarm removal.
Lyle Clinton [C456]
mobile 0417 669 582
Woodford, NSW 2778
Lapstone to Katoomba Blue mountains.
Swarms only - no fees for collection. Bees in possum boxes may incur a fee, please ask beforehand.
Rhys Jones [NJ24]
mobile 0407 395 295
Jack O'Leary [NO68]
mobile 0490 479 703
Chris Ando [NA229]
mobile 0429 201 388
Hazelbrook, NSW 2779
Blue Mountains
Bathurst, NSW 2795
Bathurst Regional Council area. Other area's will incur a fee to cover costs.
Orange, NSW 2800
Central West NSW - Forbes, Parkes, Orange, Bathurst, Cowra etc.
Tony Redmond [R300]
mobile 0425 251 587
Simon Phillips [NP117]
mobile 0490 523 255
David Moore [NM56]
mobile 0400 523 902
Ian Goldspink [NG148]
Ian Goldspink Builder
mobile 0412 845 884
Canterbury, NSW 2193
Sydney Inner West
Sutherland, NSW 2234
Sutherland shire, bankstown area, st george
West Wallsend, Edgeworth, Glendale, Wallsend, Seahampton, Holmesville, Killingworth. [2286,2285, 2284]
Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast
Rob Blair-Hickman [B647]
Ballina Honey
mobile 0412 157 593
Ian Treweek [BK-3335]
mobile 0417 114 337
Ballina, NSW 2478
Ballina and surrounding areas within a radius of 15km
Illawarra Area [2519, 2500]
Swarms only. No charge.
Collect swarms in the Blue Mountains area - no charge.
Swarms and Nests. Swarms - Free (see details below). Swarms picked up from Public areas - Free Swarms removed and put into your equipment - Fee and conditions apply Nest removal - Fee may apply Travel outside Bathurst City limits - Fee applies.
Swarms only. Free of charge. Can collect in Central West NSW - swarms only.
Swarms and Nests - collect swarms free of charge
Swarms only.
FREE emergency service available any time for swarm pickup.
Swarms only - No fee charged.
Swarms and Nests. Fee TBA, depending on removal. I am a Builder so removals can be completed and repaired if need be.
Swarms only.
Basic charge is $90 for an easy removal.
Free swarm removal, most nests removed depending on where.
Various Beekeepers
Canberra Bees
Canberra, ACT 2600
Canberra, all suburbs and surrounding regions
Swarms and Nests. Free of charge. We provide swarm collection services for the entire Canberra region based on suburb and postcode. Our swarm collectors are registered, insured and police checked.
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