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Beekeeping Courses in Victoria
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Beginners’ Hands-on Beekeeping Course 15th and 29th October 2017 (9am to 5pm) Conducted by VAA Melbourne at the Abbotsford Convent and the adjoining Collingwood Children’s Farm apiary, Melbourne.
The course is designed to provide new or prospective beekeepers (including those with Flow Hives) with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to successfully manage a beehive throughout a beekeeping season, and particularly in springtime. Subsequent courses in February and March 2018 will focus on beekeeping during summer, autumn and winter. The cost of the course is $270 which includes course notes, a memory stick of beekeeping resources, a reference book (“BEE Agskills”, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries), a waxed wooden frame and morning tea. For further information and tickets, go to
Bee Scientifics & The Practical Beekeeper
Greater Melbourne Area
Queen rearing beekeeping workshop. Course will be held over three days (Friday-Sunday) and will contain both lecture and field components. This course is designed for experienced hobby and sideline beekeepers wanting to learn the art and science of queen rearing. See web link for details.
William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper  
At your location! in East Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, West Gippsland, South Gippsland.
I provide onsite training to those who: 1. Lease 1 to 5 of my hives. 2. Take up one of my hive maintenance packages (health inspections, manage honey flow etc). 3. Require onsite assistance.
Contact: 0487 100 001 - @
The Beekeepers Club
Doncaster East, VIC 3109
To participate in the Course you must be a member.
Please see our website for details.
Bec's BeeHive
45 Trumpington Grove
Kallista, VIC 3791
Please see our website for details.
Contact: Bec 0409 850 735
Bob's Beekeeping Courses  
Edendale Farm
Eltham, Vic 3095
Courses offered at Edendale Farm, Eltham, on:
1. Introduction to Beekeeping
2. Natural (or Sustainable) Beekepeeping
3. Queen Rearing
CERES Environment Park
Cnr Roberts & Stewart Street
Brunswick East, Vic 3057
Complete Backyard Beekeeper with Benedict Hughes (3 day Beekeeping course)
Contact: Luisa Cardamone (03) 9389 0124 - @
Southside Beekeepers Club
Frankston, VIC 3199
Please see our website for details.
Moe Jarrad
Moe the Bee Man
Frankston, VIC 3199
mobile 0438 746 501
A day in the life of a beekeeper: this is a hands-on, one day course, covering all you need to know to get started in beekeeping. It is conducted at my beeyards in the Mornington Peninsula {Cranbourne, Pearcedale, Mt. Martha}. At the end of the day you should be able to carry a hive inspection, split a hive, manage swarming, look for signs of hive health, and much more. Maximum of three students per course.
Daniela Rosenfeld
Mt Eliza, Vic 3930
Neerim South, Vic 3831
mobile 0405 461 873
A one day workshop with all the theory you need to know to get started in bee keeping. We cover rules and regs, gear you need, bee lifecycles, importance of, bee food and much much more. Eat honey cake and go home with a tub of fresh honey. Call for next dates.
Upper Beaconsfield Apiaries
184 Berglund Road
Upper Beaconsfield, VIC 3808
One day Beekeeping Course for Beginners.
Please see our website for details.
Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary
in conjunction with
Castlemaine Continuing Education
30 Templeton Street
Castlemaine, VIC 3450
We currently run Introduction To Bee-Centred (Natural) Beekeeping classes through our local Registered Training Organisation Castlemaine Continuing Education where we show you everything you need to begin your journey with these fascinating creatures and become a registered beekeeper yourself. The course includes, what is in our opinion, the most comprehensive how-to bee-centred beekeeping guide book available which you will take home to usher you through your beekeeping journey. Ongoing support will also be available directly from Daniel BeeShepherd and you will be invited to join an online community of like-minded beekeepers who are extremely supportive and helpful.
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