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Aussie Apiarists Online - Australian Beekeepers Online
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Welcome to Aussie Apiarists Online
We are delighted that you have found this website and wish you will find what you are looking for.
The Objectives
  • Assisting the Public when searching for Products and Services beekeepers in Australia have to offer, such as Honey, Beeswax, Pollination and Bee Removal.
  • Assisting Beekeepers in Australia when searching for Apiary Supplies, Beekeeper Clubs, Beekeeping Courses, Beekeeper Mentors, Bee Colonies, Bee Queens, Land for Bees.
  • Assisting Land Owners willing to allow Beekeepers access to their property for the accommodation of bees.

Beekeepers, Land Owners and providers of the above mentioned products and services in Australia are given the opportunity to have their contact details listed in the corresponding products and services registers on this website.

The Process
  • The user searches the relevant Products or Services registers on this site.
  • When the search has been successful the user makes contact directly with the advertiser.
  • The website owner has no involvement in the process.

Assisting Beekeepers
Apis Mellifera
Disclaimer: Information published on this website is for general information only. Although published in good faith, the website owner will not be liable for any loss suffered by a person for actions taken on the basis of such information. The website owner makes no representations as to the nature of the services advertised or the character of any advertiser. The website owner has no involvement and does not take any liability, responsibility or obligations for what results from the contact between two parties. Any potential legal aspects would be between the two parties.
This website is owned and administered by Amazing Bees which is not any type of organisation, just a hobby beekeeper with the mission to promote beekeeping in Australia.
last update 19-Feb-2018
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